Catholic Liturgical Board for July with Catholic Hymns to Sing in Latin, English and Spanish | FREE Sheet Music

Today I’m sharing our family’s liturgical board for the month of July with beautiful hymns for your family to learn and sing!

I noticed there’s a lot of [devout] Catholic moms who think alike!

Way before I knew anything about “liturgical living” or Catholic liturgical boards, as a trend, I remember when my twin girls were still young toddlers, I asked a dear friend of mine if she has her children memorize Bible verses and such for each of the seasons in the Church.

She replied with “oh yes, and I have them say some ejaculatory prayers which I have posted around the house!”

I was enamored with the idea and so impressed that she thought of and implemented this beautiful practice with her own children, who I considered to be very devout themselves.

So I began “collecting” items for my children to memorize each month, and the list grew and grew.

Bible verses, prayers and hymns, oh my!

I began to add indulgenced prayers, common prayers of the faithful, as well as the monthly hymns I was already practicing with my children to our “liturgical board” even though there was no physical bulletin board at the moment.

I also put forth substantial effort into making easy-to-understand virtue poems for my children under 5 years old that were taken directly from definitions of the Baltimore Catechism and St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae. I just couldn’t find any material that taught children virtues this way from a Catholic perspective.

I went over each of the items at breakfast and the children seemed to love it!

The ever famous “restaurant menu”

Before making a liturgical board, my ideas found their way into some restaurant menus I had ordered to be a “morning menu” for my children. You know, the really pretty kind that you see all over Etsy!

Since I would usually go over the items on our liturgical board at breakfast, I found it cumbersome to be holding something and trying to read especially since I needed two hands to help my toddlers with food or wiping themselves.

Grand finale: the liturgical bulletin board

After seeing a few inspirational posts on Instagram (again: great minds think alike!), I realized my little “reading/memorization/music” program of sorts would best fit if displayed on a bulletin board.

Thus my Catholic liturgical board idea was born. And I believe so strongly in making these accessible to everyone so you could have your printable TODAY and get started laminating, cutting and posting it!

Or just do the simple way and just hang it up on your bulletin board 🙂

While I have extremely basic decorating skills I was happy to see the result of this month’s liturgical board. I’m sure you could probably come up with something even more creative, and I would love to see what you came up in the comments below!

Hymns and Sheet Music for my Board

The hymns I chose for July are Salvete Christi Vulnera, Glory be to Jesus, and La Pasión.

These hymns were taken from the Liber Usualis (LU), The Traditional Roman Hymnal (TRH), and a Spanish hymnal from Mexico titled Cantos Sagrados Populares (CSP). I highly encourage every family to make the investment and purchase these hymnals as family heirlooms.

Get the free sheet music below!

Get your printable music!

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    Available now on my shop!

    It is my hope that this liturgical board can serve Catholic women everywhere and make liturgical living a reality for their families. Just print and start decorating!

    *N.B. My liturgical board uses traditional feast days from the pre-1955 calendar/edition of the Roman Missal.

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