July Liturgical Board Printable


A one-page PDF printable for your family’s July liturgical board dedicated to the Precious Blood, which includes a Bible verse, indulgenced prayer, feast days, suggested reading for the Baltimore catechism, common prayer to learn, hymns, Mass, and an original virtue poem.



This is a one-page printable PDF for your own family’s liturgical board, ready for you to cut, laminate, and decorate!

***There’s also FREE sheet music and singing tips for all the music in this printable on my blog post here***

It contains the following for the month of July (devoted to the Precious Blood):

  • Beautiful image of the Precious Blood
  • Bible verse¬†
  • Indulgenced Prayer (from the Raccolta)
  • Prominent feast days of the month, based off the pre-1955 missal
  • Suggested reading for the Baltimore Catechism (divided by month, starting September)
  • Common prayers of the faithful for children and family members to memorize
  • Virtue of the month in the form of an original poem¬†(composed for children ages 2.5 and up!)
  • Suggested hymns to learn/sing for the month in Latin, English, and Spanish (follow the links inside for free sheet music)
  • Suggested Mass from the Kyriale to learn/sing

NOT included in this printable but suggested ideas for your liturgical board:

  • Roses
  • Tacks (extra nice when they’re the fancy kind!)
  • Lace for the border
  • Any other pictures or artwork!
  • A traditional calendar (the one pictured at the bottom is taken from traditio.com, it is a pre-1955 Roman calendar and while I don’t endorse their views I am happy to use their calendars)

I recommend displaying it in a high-traffic area like your dining room table, living room, or in front of your home altar!

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